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Tū Mai Iwi Tool

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Updated: May 2014

The Tū Mai Iwi Tool provides a customised profile of iwi labour market indicators that allows for comparison between about 100 individual iwi, Māori and the general New Zealand population. It also allows up-to-date comparisons between Māori and other ethnic groups.

Why was the TŪ Mai Iwi Tool developed?

The Tū Mai Iwi Tool provides iwi with ‘at the fingertips’ labour market information in one place. Bringing together data in an easily accessible way, the tool is designed to add value to iwi decision making in policy, business and career planning. It can assist with planning by identifying growth skills and informing workforce investment decisions that support the growth of human capability.

What type of data does the TŪ Mai Iwi Tool provide?

Using census data from 2001 and 2006 it identifies changes over a five-year time period and allows for an iwi to identify their skills and talent profile. A range of categories are available for comparison. They are:

The updated Tū Mai Iwi Tool now has broad ethnicity data from the Household Labour Force Survey (HLFS), and will be regularly updated every quarter.  The data include:

What kind of data comparisons can the TŪ Mai Iwi Tool provide?

Using the Tū Mai Iwi Tool, an iwi can develop a clear picture of their skills and talent profile. The sorts of questions an iwi might want to use the tool to answer are:

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