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Workplace Health and Safety Strategy

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The Workplace Health and Safety Strategy for New Zealand to 2015 (the Strategy) aims to lift New Zealand’s workplace health and safety performance and reduce the work toll to achieve healthy people in safe and productive workplaces.


The National Action Agenda

The Minister of Labour, Hon Kate Wilkinson has publicly released the National Action Agenda 2010-2013. The National Action Agenda's aim is to reduce New Zealand's work toll by focusing on the five sectors where the most harm is occurring; construction, agriculture, manufacturing, forestry and fishing.

Through specific actions in each sector a real difference can be made to the work toll, but that difference relies on everyone working together; government, employers, workers, industry groups and unions.

There will also be an increased focus on occupational health issues through the development of a specific Occupational Health Action Plan.

As Ms Wilkinson says, "It is only by combining our skills, knowledge and leadership with action in the five priority sectors that we will achieve the vision of 'healthy people in safe and productive workplaces'."

The Sector Action Plans for construction, forestry, manufacturing and agriculture and fishing [external link] are now complete.

The State of Workplace Health and Safety in New Zealand - September 2012

Key health and safety statistics have been brought together to show a snapshot of the state of workplace health and safety in New Zealand. This is an annual report, with September 2012 following the first release in June 2011.