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Review of the Workplace Health and Safety Strategy for New Zealand to 2015 (WHSS)

Outcome Monitoring Framework - Document for Consultation

Prepared by:
Department of Labour
January 2009



This document describes and explains a proposed framework for monitoring outcomes relating to the improvement of workplace health and safety through the Workplace Health and Safety Strategy (WHSS).


The Workplace Health and Safety Strategy was launched in June 2005. As part of the implementation of the Strategy, the Department of Labour was tasked with "… facilitat[ing] the identification of a set of valid and reliable indicators for measuring progress towards the Strategy’s vision and outcomes." (Workplace Health and Safety Strategy, p 25).

It was envisaged that these indicators would align with indicators developed for the New Zealand Injury Prevention Strategy, and that they would include work-related disease and injury statistics, and also 'positive' performance indicators relating to workplace practices.

Development of these indicators within a monitoring framework began in June 2008. The intention is to seek feedback on the framework from key stakeholders as part of the review of the Strategy that will take place in 2008-09.  Once the indicators are finalised and agreed, regular monitoring and reporting will occur as part of the progress snapshots produced annually by the Department. This information will also feed into the overall evaluation of the strategy.

Selection of Indicators and Measures

The process for developing the outcomes monitoring framework for the WHSS included:

The proposed monitoring framework has two phases, described in detail below. The first phase involves collating data from a variety of existing sources. The second phase would require additional data collection to provide more complete coverage of the Strategy outcomes.

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