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Holiday entitlements for Easter & ANZAC Day

What are the employee entitlements over Easter Weekend?

Over the Easter period there are a lot of issues for business operators to be aware of.  Which days are public holidays?  What are the employee entitlements?  What days can I open?  Along with establishing what payments need to be made to employees for what days, there are also Shop Trading restrictions in operation on some of those days, under the Shop Trading Hours Act Repeal Act 1990, that business operators need to comply with.  



The public holidays over the Easter period are Good Friday and Easter Monday.  Employees who normally work on these days will receive a paid day off, and if required to work, will receive time and a half for the hours worked on those days, and an alternative holiday if the day is an otherwise working day for the employee.  Refer to our information on Otherwise Working Days for more information.


Easter Sunday is NOT a public holiday.  This means that there is no entitlement to a paid day off or time and a half for hours worked on this day under the Holidays Act 2003.  An employer and employee may agree in their employment agreement to more favourable terms.


Good Friday and Easter Sunday are also restricted trading days, which means that most shops selling goods must remain closed on these days.  For more information on Shop Trading Restrictions, view our information on Shop Trading Hours.  As Good Friday is a public holiday, when a business has a forced closure, any employees affected by the closure would receive a paid day off as an un-worked public holiday (provided the day is an otherwise working day for the employee).  The day would be an otherwise working day for the employee if but for the public holiday the business would have been opened and the employee would have worked. As Easter Sunday is not a public holiday, employees affected by closures on Easter Sunday cannot rely on payment under the Holidays Act 2003, and must therefore rely on their employment agreement.  Refer to our information on Employee Entitlements for Easter Sunday.


ANZAC Day and Easter Monday

ANZAC Day (25 April) is observed on the day it falls. 

ANZAC Day is also a restricted trading day until 1:00pm. If the shop remains closed for the whole day and but for that closure the employee would have worked they must be paid for the day off. If the shop remains closed until 1pm and the employee works from 1 to 5pm instead of the usually worked 9 to 5pm then the employee must receive at least time and a half for each hour worked plus a paid alternate day off.

Date Modified: Monday, 25 February 2013

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